1. Project Introduction

StarryNift is the first integrated gamified platform, integrating DeFi, NFT, P2E, and Metaverse. It is a comprehensive platform integrating creation, trading, entertainment, and games. …

Source: Element Finance

1. Project introduction

Element Finance is a decentralized financial protocol that helps users seek high and stable returns in the DeFi market, allowing the principal and interests to be traded at any time without any liquidation risk.

Element Finance separates the principal and interest of users into two separate, transactable…

Source: Trader Joe

Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a one-stop trading platform on Avalanche. It offers trading and lending features, and combines them to offer leveraged trading.

The Total Volume Locked (TVL) of Trader Joe is currently $2.823 billion and the TVL of the Avalanche Protocol is currently around $10 billion. …

Source: N.Fans
  1. Project Introduction

N.Fans is a blockchain-based NFT artwork and trendy games aggregation platform. The platform gathers digital art, celebrity film and television, animation and games and other high-quality rare NFT assets. N.Fans is committed to building a well-known anime IP+GameFi aggregation type NFT platform.

N.Fans integrates well-known film and TV…

Source: Dinosaur eggs

Project Introduction

Dinosaur Eggs is a DEFI project built on BSC. The business areas of the project include Swap, social networking, NFT and so on. Currently the product Dinosaur Swap which targets transactions mining has been launched. …

1. Project introduction

PolkaEx is a cross-chain decentralized exchange in the Polkadot ecosystem. PolkaEx is built on the Astar Network and is the first DeFi application on the Astar parachain. Astar Network provides PolkaEx with higher TPS, lower transaction fees and smooth transaction protocols.

PolkaEx is a fast and low-cost…

What is Leveraged ETF

A Leveraged ETF is a financial derivative derived from the traditional financial industry. It maximizes the return by tracking the rise or fall of the underlying assets by a particular multiple.

The underlying assets that leveraged ETFs track in the blockchain tracks are digital currencies that correspond to the available…

Project introduction

Futureswap is a decentralized perpetual future project, which can provide investors with trading, market making and other functions. Users can act as liquidity providers, traders and liquidators. Currently, Futureswap is only on Ethereum, and will be established on Arbitrum later.

In Futureswap, there are three types of users…

Let’s talk about a new project on Avalanche, COLONY. (It is a new project, similar to a foundation on Avalanche).

Let’s briefly talk about Avalanche’s background. After the development of DeFi last year, all public chains began to compete along this track. Avalanche is the same. It made great efforts…

1. Project introduction

Serum is a cross-chain decentralized transaction protocol of the Solana ecosystem based on order book. It is mainly launched by Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of FTX.

Therefore, Serum can be regarded as a decentralized “FTX”. The market logic of Serum’s launch is: Currently, the DEXs based on Ethereum, such as Uniswap…


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