Explore the Infinite Potential of Future Web3 Development with 10 Web3 Regulatory Recommendations from a16z

  1. Establish a clear vision to foster decentralized digital infrastructure;
  2. Embrace multi-stakeholder approaches to governance and regulation;
  3. Create targeted, risk-calibrated oversight regimes for different web3 activities;
  4. Foster innovation with composability, open-source code, and the power of open communities;
  5. Broaden access to the economic benefits of the innovation economy;
  6. Unlock the potential of DAOs;
  7. Deploy web3 to further sustainability goals.
  8. Embrace the role of well-regulated stablecoins in financial inclusion and innovation;
  9. Collaborate with other nations to harmonize standards and regulatory frameworks;
  10. Provide clear, fair tax rules for the reporting of digital assets, and leverage technical solutions for tax compliance



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