WSB retail investors won the battle, but they picked the wrong battlefield

The fight between the WSB Retail traders and Wall Street’s Hedge Fund Melvin Capital, has caused GME prices to repeatedly gap. The battle between the retail traders and the institutions has caused multiple pairs to trading halt during January 28, including the likes of GME, AMC and NOK. This battle, is the first victory that the retailers have won in more than 10 years, however they picked the wrong battlefield.

BTC, ETH, and DOGE or any other Cryptocurrency in that matter, could’ve been a good choice as well. Why would we say that?

First, excluding the high market cap of BTC and ETH ($615B, and $149B), most of the other coins in the market range from a few million dollars to, at the current time of writing, 25 billion dollars. Comparing to the likes of AAPL and TSLA, there is still most definitely still room to grow.

Data source: CoinMarketCap

Currently, there is an ‘impostor’ known as the ‘Chairman’ who is not affiliated with Reddit’s WSB, who has caused DOGE/USDT to spike 1068% within 2 days.

Data source:MXC Exchange

Since January 13th, GME’s opening price of $20.42 has since peaked at $483 dollars, and ultimately closed the day at $193.60. Currently, GME stands at $95.68

The likes of DOT, UNI, and DOGE have a market cap of $14.8B, $4.3B, and $9B. If they were to spike up to 2400%, their value would separately be at $341B, $98.9B, and $208B.

Secondly, with the Federal Reserve essentially ‘printing money’, Bitcoin and Ethereum becomes a good backup to Gold, which hedges against inflation. If more of the general public understood BTC, specifically how it hedges against inflation, maintains a fixed supply and how secure it is, in the next 5–10 years, many believe that it could result into BTC reaching high prices of $500,000 apiece.

In the past twelve years, Wall Street’s elites have shorted BTC more than 300 times, in the same way Melvin Capital and Citron Capital shorted GME. But BTC proved its value to the world in its own way, and even Warren Buffett had to change his views.

MXC Exchange data shows that BTC has risen from $3159.41 to an all time high at $41946.1 from March 12, 2020 to the present, with a peak increment of 1227.65%

Data source:MXC Exchange

Lastly, if the funds were invested into the DeFi sector, situations like trade halting which happened to GME would be next to impossible.

Although many people do not understand Decentralized Finance, I believe in the near future, DeFi will dominate the Financial markets. In a world where decentralized finance is the norm, and assets are being traded using Blockchain technology, the charm of it all is the mysteriousness of not knowing who you’d be up against.