We Should View the Long-term Value of MX Token in the Way We Invest in a Stock

Holding MX is the same as holding stocks. Holders can enjoy a series of rights such as asset appreciation and voting to get a token listed. Specifically, MX holders can enjoy a 20% commission deduction when trading spots; voting and renewal of crypto assets can receive transaction fee rewards; participating in the lottery of SpaceM and M-Day activities qualification or a bonus for the number of tickets; Participate in MX DeFi staking and get corresponding mining asset rewards.

The total supply of MX is 1 billion. Starting July 2019, the platform will buyback 100% of MX earned as trading fee and burn it every month. At present, about 390 million MX has been burned.

Since 2020, the MXC trading platform has conducted a total of 8 SpaceM and 16 M-Day events and initiates vote to list, renewal voting, and MX DeFi mining activities every month. MX holders will have a greater chance to win the asset lottery and win more staking rewards, as well as gaining rewards such as trading fee dividends.

At the same time, as the value of MX continues to increase, MX holders, like Tesla stockholders, have received “stock” appreciation gains.

In the past few years, Binance token BNB, Huobi token HT, OKEx token OKB and MXC token MX have achieved different value growth in different business scenarios.

Since August 2020, BNB has risen from $6.37 to the current highest $93.35 as of writing, with an increase of 1188.69%, and the total circulating market value is $14.27 billion.

HT rose from $3.34 to the current highest of $9.43 with an increase of 182.33%, and the circulating market value was $1.827 billion; OKB increased by 266.79% from $2.56 to the current highest of $9.39, and the circulating market value was $391 million.

And MX rose from $0.0589 to the current highest $0.61, an increase of 935.65%, and the circulating market value is about $80.02 million.

Industry analysts believe that: “From 2020 to the present, MXC Exchange has early deployment in cryptocurrency segments such as DeFi, Polkadot, and NFT, resulting in rapid growth in trading volume. The current value growth of MX is far from matching its business growth. There is still considerable room for growth in its value and market value. This is the same logic as we invest in a company’s stock.”

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