Track MXC Global Big Data for Margin Trading, You May Have Earned Double BTC Income

This is one of the MXC Global Wealth Stories. It analyses the BTC mid-to-long-term price trend by comparing the long-short ratio.

MXC margin trading data shows that BTC continued to rise after surpassing $9,165 USDT on July 20, reaching the highest of $12,102 USDT, with a maximum increase mount of 32.04% in 15 days. ETH rose from $237.27 USDT on May 20 to the highest of $415.61 USDT, and the highest increase amount was 75.16% in 15 days.

As BTC, ETH and other mainstream cryptocurrencies continue to rise, the world’s major exchanges margin trading volume and the number of transactions began to surge. The total trading volume of MXC Global margin trading increased by 53.7% on a week-on-week basis. The total number of traders increased by 94.77% on a week-on-week basis. Among them, BTC/USDT trading volume increased 213.9% week-on-week, while ETH/USDT increased 8.5%. BTC, ETH trading volume increased 22.4% and 68.49% week-on-week respectively.

In fact, the long-short ratio in mid-June has already signified the rise of recent cryptocurrencies. MXC Global is currently the exchange which has the most cryptocurrencies to trade. Apart from mainstream cryptocurrencies trading pairs, it also lists ecological projects of DeFi. It provides more than 80 kinds of trading cryptocurrencies.

For its richness in trading cryptocurrencies, we may be able to penetrate the trends of the market from MXC big data for margin trading.

I began to study MXC big data for margin trading since April this year. I found that before June 13, the highest value of the loan’s long-short ratio for BTC was 10. After June 13, it began to surge.

The following three samples were randomly selected from MXC big data for margin trading. One sample is consisted of 7 days’ data. As can be seen from these samples, the loan’s long-short ratio for BTC increased linearly. If calculated by the highest value of 10 before June 13, so far, it has increased by 5340% in more than 2 months.

In order to visually see the BTC price and the impact on margin trading, I magnified the loan’s long-short ratio of BTC by 50 times.

2 obvious conclusions can be drawn: 1. In the past two months, more and more traders do long BTC. 2. The greater the BTC price fluctuates, the more active margin trading is; on the contrary, the more stable the BTC price is, the less active the margin trading is.

Although professional traders usually predict the cryptocurrency market in the short, medium and long term in a macro market environment, micro-technical level and specific news, trading behavior itself lags behind market changes, especially leveraged trading for the purpose of short-term returns. But medium-and long-term investment behavior can precede market changes, because the phenomena or factors we observe are in the trend of market changes.

The above two conclusions are actually common sense that many people know, but common sense is often easier to ignore. Unlike professional traders, many non-professional trading users may through financial reports to understand macroeconomic and micro-events, but lack of professional technical analysis, and therefore more inclined to obtain medium-and long-term benefits.

After BTC fell sharply on March 12, many people lost confidence in BTC. When BTC recovered to $5,800 USDT, many people still insisted that BTC would fall to $3,800-$4,000 USDT. Their hesitation led to the miss of the opportunity.

If people paid attention to the MXC big data for margin trading, then they would have obtained twice the profit through spot trading in the past four months.

By comparing MXC big data for margin trading, we do not just draw a conclusion, but to see the trend, and get a long-term profit. If the long-short ratio for BTC continue to rise in 7 days, 15 days and 30 days, then what are we still hesitating about?

In fact, this method is not limited to margin trading. It can also be applied to spot trading and contract trading. As a normal trader, the only thing to do is to be careful and diligent. At the same time, it is also necessary to abide by the principle of authenticity of samples and select accurate and real transaction data samples. Otherwise, the results of your analysis and judgment will be affected.

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