Polkadot Rises after DeFi, How to Choose?

How to choose? This is a very critical question.

If you compare this year’s cryptocurrency market to a rocket that is about to ignite, there is no doubt that the first booster is DeFi. DeFipulse latest data shows that DeFi asset mortgage volume has reached $7.238 billion.

The second segment of the cryptocurrency market booster must be Polkadot ecological projects. In the early hours of August 22, MXC Global completed the DOT split. The price increased by 138.4%, from $2.76 USDT to $6.58 USDT.

At the same time, DOT’s split has attracted a large number of new funding. So far, DOT is the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the world with a market capitalization of $5.622 billion, while Chainlink ranks fifth with a market capitalization of $5.786 billion.

Therefore, Polkadot ecological projects worth attention. Previously, MXC Global has established Polkadot Ecological Special Fund to support the development of Polkadot ecological projects. Subsequently, Huobi also announced the establishment of the“Polkadot ecological zone”, which shows Polkadot ecology is highly valued in the cryptocurrency market.

In 2019, MXC Global has listed ChainX (PCX), Kusama (KSM), and Edgeware (EDG). It is the world’s earliest platform for the layout of Polkadot projects, also the trading platform that supports most Polkadot tokens.

So under this circumstance, what are the ways to get a return on investment?

Spot trading, in addition to DOT, the KSM, LINK, EDG, PCX listed on MXC Global have risen 46.5 times, 14.7 times, 21.5 times, 2.06 times respectively (the highest increase in history comparing with the opening price comparison). RING, one of the Polkadot projects, rose for 55 times after listing.

On August 19, Polkadot Ecosystem Index was listed on MXC Global ETF index trading zone. It is the first Polkadot index in the market to reflect Polkadot’s overall performance.

The ETF index trading section of MXC Global lists Major Cryptocurrency Index, Halving Cryptocurrency Index, Public Chain index, Decentralized Storage Assets Index. They have reached 33%-252% of the return compared to the opening prices.

In the long term, the cost of the Polkadot Ecosystem Index is still at a more reasonable level. More importantly, index trading can reduce the risk of price fluctuations in a single cryptocurrency.

In terms of PoS pool, MXC Global supports DOT spot, ETF, futures, DOT PoS pool Staking services. It also supports KSM and PCX spot, margin trading, long and short two-way operation.

There are three PoS types: loan, staking, and holding. You can obtain return as long as you have holding PoS. You can withdraw and trade anytime without locking positions.

For the trading platform, it should not only be a provider of trading service, but also a bridge between users and projects. While uses need a convenient way to get involved in it and gain return from DeFi and Polkadot projects.