Polkadot Parachain Slot Auction Project BNC (Bifrost) Investment Market Analysis

2 min readFeb 3, 2021



Bifrost project is based on the substrate in the Polkadot ecosystem to provide liquidity for pledged assets. The built-on vTokenSwap (AMM trading pool) provides liquidity solutions for staking derivatives. At the same time, Bifrost is also one of the fourth batch of projects approved to connect to the Rococo V1 test slot.


Initial supply 80 million, which includes:

45% ecosystem incentives

20% allocated to the team

10% allocated to foundation

10% the seed round

5% private sale

10% as a reserve

Ecosystem incentive part:

5% Kusama Parachain slot rental reward

30% Polkadot para chain slot rental reward

45% vToken mining incentives

10% Slash insurance fund

10% Collator (collector) node incentives


Temporarily not yet circulating on the secondary market.


In September 2020, Bifrost received $600,000 in seed round. Investment institutions include NGC Ventures, SNZ Holding, Digital Renaissance, Consensus Lab, LongHash Ventures, DFG, Youbi Capital, Bitrise Capital, Nova Club, etc.

Practical value analysis

Supply and demand analysis

Reasons for BNC asks:
1.vToken mining incentives

2.Collator reward

3.Slashinsurance funds

Reasons for BNC bids:

1.Cash out of parachain slot auction rewards

2.vToken mining rewards

3.The seed round and private equity investment institutions cash out

4.Possible cash out after the half-year lock-up period of the team ends




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