MXC Exchange Partners with BakerySwap to Add More Use Cases for MX

Recently, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project BakerySwap (BAKE) has reached a cooperation with MXC to expand the usage scenario of MXC exchange token MX.

It is understood that users who stake BAKE to participate in liquidity mining can get MX rewards, and those who provide liquidity for MX-BAKE can earn BAKE.

Previously, MXC Exchange has launched the “MOASIS” program which set up a 5M USDT ecosystem fund to incentivize developers to expand the use cases of MX on different public chains and applications. Those who are qualified are all welcome to sign up for the grant.

At the same time, MXC has reached in-depth cooperation with Binance Smart Chain BSC and Huobi Eco Chain Heco to expand the application scenarios of the MX token.

Cooperation with Binance Smart Chain BSC and Huobi Eco Chain Heco includes: MX will be connected to Binance Smart Chain BSC and Huobi Eco Chain Heco as a cross-chain asset which will be used for lending, liquidity mining, DEX exchange and other scenarios.

Before that, MX can be used to deduct exchange transaction fees, get extra M-Day tickets and be eligible for SpaceM lucky draws to buy tokens at a discounted price, participate in the“Vote to Extend the Assessment Periods and Share Trading Fee” activity and share the transaction fee rewards, participate in the MX DeFi first mining vault and get mining income from popular projects, receive extra PoS mining pool income bonus.

Currently, the DeFi ecosystem has blossomed, MXC Exchange will also explore the use cases of MX on BSC, Heco or other public chains such as liquidity mining, synthetic asset lending, etc.

It is understood that MX is the only token of the MXC platform, with a total supply of 1 billion. 100% of the monthly exchange and ETF fee profit will be used to buyback and burn MX. Users who hold the token will enjoy fee deduction, vote to extend the assessment periods, lucky draw and the scenarios such as MX DeFi staking and so on.

Throughout 2020, MXC had the earliest layout in DeFi, Polkadot, NFTs, Layer2, etc. There were nearly 100 tokens and coins listed on MXC, and the high gains had attracted huge user traffic, the trading fees earned from this traffic have accelerated the process to burn MX.

Until now, the total amount of MX burnt is about 398 million, of which about 71.89 million MX will be burnt in 2020. Notably, MX price has gained 858.33% this year.

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