MXC Exchange 2021: We Do Not Disrupt. We Create Value

Exchange token MX ushered in its spotlight moment this weekend: reaching an ATH at $0.58. According to CoinMarketCap, the cumulative increase of MX in the past 30 days has reached 314.28%.

As one of the investors of MX token, in my opinion, the difference between investing in exchange tokens and investing in other tokens is that the value of exchange tokens depends on the development of the platform itself, rather than the token itself.

Therefore, I believe that the reason why I invested (not speculated) in MX is that I am optimistic about the MXC Exchange exchange.

Why do I always say this to my friends? Because I am also a user of those top trading platforms, MXC Exchange Exchange gives me the feeling that this is a platform that truly serves the needs of users.

Throughout 2020, when I give feedback through official customer service channels, their customer service can always reply to me within 30 seconds, and some of the suggestions have been adopted by the platform indeed.

In terms of listings, they are always the first to list the most popular cryptocurrencies such as DeFi tokens, Polkadot tokens, and NFTs. Their response to the market allows users to trade the popular cryptocurrencies they want.

I will analyze the reasons for the rapid rise of MXC Exchange Exchange from the perspective of users below.

Reason One

DeFi is currently the hottest ecosystem. I personally believe that DeFi is also a very promising investment track in the future. Therefore, I have made incomplete statistics on the DeFi projects listed by MXC Exchange: In 2020, MXC Exchange was the first exchange to list the most DeFi projects. They were listing new tokens pretty much every day. Which includes DEXs, synthetic assets and collateral lending protocol, liquidity mining protocols, decentralized oracle and other sub-sectors.

DEX examples are Uniswap, Sushiwap, 1inch, Tokenlon, Curve, etc. Lending examples are Aave and Compound. DeFi aggregators like yEarn finance. Oracles ChainLink, Api3 and Band.

Although the DEX tokens of Sushiswap, Uniswap, 1inch and Tokenlon went through some fluctuations after their listing on MXC Exchange, their highest gains still outperformed mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH.

The highest increase of UNI, SUSHI, 1INCH and CRV reached 2079.1%, 3501%, 748.93%, 1025% respectively. Those who are interested could have a look at the gains of other tokens by yourself, such as API3, LRC, YFI, AAVE, etc.

And what I’ve been thinking was, why does MXC Exchange list all those projects in different fields? Like what I did with Apple and Tesla, I did my research on the reasonable valuation of the tokens instead of chasing the rise and fall.

Cai Yan, managing director of NGC Ventures, once put forward a concept: the infiniteness of the agreement. That is, when we build a new product, we need to know exactly what it should do, but we should not set limits on what it will develop into in the future. This is infinite, allowing customers to release their imagination when using the product.

This concept also applies to trading platforms — they should also provide investors with unlimited markets and unlimited trading possibilities.

This is a concept I put forward based on my trading experience on various trading platforms. The infiniteness of the market means that the trading platform does not define the boundaries of what the project will develop in the future under the premise of screening projects and doing a good job in risk control. The nature of the project itself — whether it is a product or an application scenario, the project team should be respected. We should respect the definition of the project itself and their understanding of users.

What a trading platform has to do is to filter out inferior projects without setting boundaries, and to provide more choices for secondary market investors in many subdivisions. The value of these projects from the early stage to the later period should be up to investors to release their imagination. This is the infinite nature of trading.

In 2020, MXC Exchange Matcha not only met this standard, but the number, quality and speed of listings far exceeded other trading platforms. This brings unlimited trading possibilities to global cryptocurrency investors.

Reason Two

How to improve the user’s product experience and serve users well is a topic that continues from the Internet era. For trading platforms, MXC Exchange pays more attention to provide a better product experience and better services.

According to statistics and surveys of MXC Exchange, its customer service team has received 712,700 user inquiries and 12,330,300 messages in the past year, with an average response time of 18–25 seconds, and 97.8% of them were satisfied with the customer service.

These inquiries cover issues like product improvement, listings, transaction fees, and event rules. For example, the api trading for spots, ETF, and contract transactions, and the user’s personalized nickname settings, are ideas they got from their users.

From the beginning of 2020 to the present, MXC Exchange has upgraded and optimized the leveraged trading system 7 times and created a new version of the contract system. The product details and functions have been rebuilt in an all-round way, so that the spreads, depth and liquidity, and matching efficiency have been strengthened.

In terms of the listing, MXC Exchange also actively listens to the voice of the users and guarantees traders’ requirements via related mechanisms. Examples can be seen on the Assessment Zone.

Assessment Zone is a function section for newbie projects. Users are able to vote to get the projects they support listed. While those who voted will be rewarded with a trading fee commission of that project.

The advantage of the mechanism is that, on the one hand, users get to decide on the listing standard and on the other hand, voters can get additional value, i.e the trading fee rewards.

This is also in line with the criteria mentioned above: the value of the project from the early stage to the later period should be up to investors to release their imagination.

Reason Three

How did MXC Exchange make achievements? Can it provide users with good products and services and allow users to obtain value via trading?

The reason is likely to stem from the openness of its team culture, efficient execution, and the concept of creating value for the cryptocurrency industry.

Both the exchange and the project itself have the complexity of technology and the complexity of the market. Whether the token can be listed in time depends on the team’s execution power and the market-looking ability. Otherwise, product improvement delays may occur, and the best trading time for various track projects such as DeFi, Polkadot, NFT, layer2, and Rebas will be missed.

KD, President of Global Trading Business of MXC Exchange Matcha (www.MXC, once said: “The exchange platform must not only have market insights, but also need efficient and professional teams to execute in order to better serve users, and these are actually derived from a proactive and flat management culture. In our team, there will be no such thing as “The leader has the right to decide’, but regardless of the position, as long as the idea is beneficial to the user, it will be adopted and implemented.”

Although MXC Exchange has moved forward steadily this year and quickly consolidated its current market position in the DeFi boom, considering the millions of users distributed in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania and other regions, these users have different cultures, trading habits, product perceptions are not the same.

Therefore, in addition to the listing projects and product improvement, we can see that MXC Exchange actively conducts user education in terms of contracts, leverages, ETFs, index products, etc., and helps users understand product mechanisms and transactions,and the market risk in the process itself through professional science knowledge.

My feeling is that MXC Exchange exchange is not a disruptor, and does not want to disrupt the “Internet” or any “related fields”, but is more willing to make products, serve users well, and provide users with safe, compliant and stable transactions channels. Survive in the vast market and create value for users and the industry.

This is my opinion on the trading platform MXC Exchange Exchange from the perspective of value investment, like analyzing Apple’s stocks.



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