MXC DeFi Projects Have Been Listed on Major Three Exchanges, Causing Market’s Fomo

Recently, Binance has announced that it will list YFI and JST. Then, YFI climbed 63.3% to $6271 USDT and JST increased 38.09% to $0.0866 USDT in 24 hours. YFI and JST are the 15th and 16th MXC Global tokens that have been listed on Huobi, OKEx and Binance projects.

On July 25, YFI was listed on the innovation board of MXC Global. It has surged 4.8 times compared with the opening price. JST landed on the 2nd session of SpaceM on May 5. The lottery price was $0.00202 USDT. On May 7, JST was listed on MXC secondary market. The price skyrocketed 42.87 times compared to its lottery price.

On August 7 and August 9, Huobi announced the launch of NEST and BAL respectively. Before listing by Huobi, these two projects were firstly listed by MXC Global on May 20 and June 24 respectively. After the launch, their increased amount reached 1060% and 555% in MXC Global. Then, after listing by Huobi, their increased amount exceeded 4700% and 1050%.

“Not making money is worse than losing money.” This is a kind of fomo feeling.

The DeFi projects are in bloom now for its liquidity in the DeFi market, the improvement of infrastructures, and popular COMP project.

This bullish trend led by DeFi enables MXC Global to cause the fomo effect in the whole market. The increase amount of innovative project tokens listed by MXC Global has surpassed that of the mainstream cryptocurrencies.

MXC Global is the world’s first trading platform who starts to list DeFi projects. In the past six months, it has listed about 100 high-quality DeFi projects including (YFI), NEST (NETS Protocol), COMP (Compound), AVA (Aava), STONK (STONK), OKS (Oikos), DF (dForce Network), and BAL (BalancerPool).

These DeFi and Polkadot tokens continued to rise after listing. For example, the most concerning ones, NEST and YFI have increased by 4700% and 380.9% on May 20 and July 25 respectively after being listed on the innovation board of MXC Global.

It reflects that MXC Global is able to find high-quality projects, which leads to the market’s fomo. The affected group includes both cryptocurrency traders and exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi, etc.

For exchanges, if you can find high-quality projects in advance, you can get the maximum users. For users, it is possible to earn more in the bull market of cryptocurrencies than in mainstream cryptocurrencies.

MXC DeFi projects’ listing in major three exchanges, caused the market’s fomo. It is not difficult to make money in this wave.

First of all, many people have the feeling that DeFi would have a hit with the breakout of COMP and Uniswap.

There is a ‘flying pig theory’ in exchanges, which means as long as you take the right opportunity, you can gain return. In such a DeFi bullish trend, the only thing we need to do is to follow the steps of an exchange.

Second, we need to observe what project has been newly listed by the exchange that is very sensitive to the market’s trend. An opportunity may exist if the newly listed project hasn’t been listed by other exchanges and the price is still low. You can only gain return if you have critical insights.

Taking JST as another example, JST landed on the 2nd session of SpaceM on May 5. The lottery price was $0.00202 USDT. On May 7, JST was listed on MXC secondary market. If you buy it in from the secondary market, you would have gained nearly 30 times the return.

There is an assessment board on MXC Global. The projects require a certain amount of deposits to be qualified for the assessment board. After listing under the assessment board, if the numbers of traders or comprehensive performance is outstanding, the project can be transferred to the innovation board. Also, users can extend the period of the project via MX voting. Risky or less popular projects may be delisted.

Projects like YFI, NEST, AVA, OKS and BAL are outstanding as they have been tested by the market. And just because of that, other exchanges started to follow these projects.

For now, MXC Global has found almost all projects of DeFi, which makes it the main trading platform of DeFi and Polkadot. It makes people wonder, what will be the next MXC project to be listed on the three major trading platforms?

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