Mask Network(MASK) Investment Value Analysis

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Mask Network is the middleware for the transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0. It allows users to send encrypted messages, crypto assets, and decentralized applications, such as DeFi, NFT and DAO, on the platforms of traditional social giants. As a result, users can create a decentralized application ecosystem.

Although Mask Network is committed to linking traditional Internet platforms (such as Twitter) and blockchain platforms to achieve a bridge for asset and information exchange, Mask Network is still in the early stages of the project, which has led to the competition between all these decentralized products. Their functions are quite similar and whether there is a strong demand to that remains to be verified.


A total of 100,000,000 $MASK tokens is created at genesis. Below is the token allocation information:

  • 39.55% is owned by the Foundation and will be unlocked linearly within 36 months. This part of the funds is managed and supervised by MaskDAO. Uses include but are not limited to, providing community funding sponsorship, the expansion of the developer community, establishing an ecosystem, providing operating funds or subsidies, and creating cooperation.
  • 14.25% is allocated to early contributors.
  • 1% is used for airdrops and is allocated to Mask Network and the entire Web 3.0 ecosystem participants. This part is not locked.
  • 1% is used for liquidity mining。
  • 23% is allocated to the core team, the lock-up period is 36 months, 6 months cliff, and then linearly unlocked.
  • 7% is used for community public offerings:

The token will be sold through Mask’s ITO on February 22, accounting for 3% of the total supply. In the first round, 1 million MASK will be sold at a price of $0.85 with a lock-up period of 96 hours; in the second round, 1 million MASK will be sold at a price of $0.9 with a lock-up period of 84 hours; and in the third round, 1 million MASK will be sold at a price of $0.95. The lock-up period is 72 hours. Investors can use USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, HUSD and ETH to purchase. The maximum purchase limit for a single address is 2000 MASK per round.

  • On February 23, they will use Balancer’s Liquidity Bootstrap Pool for sales, accounting for 4% of the total supply. It can be purchased through USDC. The price of this part is undetermined and no lock-up period is set.
  • 14.25% is used for fundraising:

In summary, the initial circulating supply of MASK is 9%, including 1% airdrop rewards + 1% liquidity mining + 7% community public offerings, totaling 8 million tokens.

Note: You can participate in ITO on Twitter. Before participating, you have to install the MetaMask wallet through, create an identity, and deposit enough USDC or other assets. After each round of ITO starts, users can search for ITO-related tweets in Mask Network’s official Twitter account (@realmaskbook) and click “Enter” to participate in the ITO.


In January and November 2018, Frees Fund and its founder Fenghe Li, NGC/XOrder and their founder Tony Tao invested in the project. The specific investment amount is unknown.

In November 2020, Mask Network2 completed $2 million in the financing, which was jointly led by HashKey and Hash Global, followed by Youbi, Alameda Research, Sino Global, IOSG, SNZ, SevenX, EverNew and others.

In February 2021, Mask Network completed a $3 million fundraise, led by Digital Currency Group, Fundamental Labs, Longing Investment, Animoca Brands, Moonwhale Ventures, Block0, 3Commas, AHP Investments, etc. participated in the investment; individual investors include co-founder Wang Yuan, science fiction writer Chen Chufan, Max Webster, Qiao Wang and Imran Khan, etc.

Practical Value Analysis

Mask Network has launched two products — Maskbook and TesserPG. Maskbook can be used for encrypted payment, transaction, image steganography, decentralized file storage and sharing on different social platforms, DEX and other platforms; TesserPG is a cryptographic identity management system that can instantly encrypt user information by using The mobile phone input method realizes the encryption of chat information, which is essentially a mobile version of PGP. Due to the team development route, the project is temporarily shelved.

Reasons behind MASK buys:

1. Crypto assets and visible asset trading and payment, such as NFTs and red packets

2. Mask Dao voting and governance

3. Liquidity mining

Reasons behind MASK sells:

1. Sell pressure of early contributors and airdrop users

2. Sell pressure of those who participated in the public offering

3. Cashing out of the Foundation, investors and team

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