Dtravel (TRVL) Arrives on Phase 3 of the MEXC Launchpad

4 min readNov 20, 2021


At 16:00 (UTC) on November 19, MEXC Global officially opens up Phase 3 of the Launchpad lottery draw event. This phase’s project is the decentralized, global home-sharing community, Dtravel (TRVL), which is also the third joint project between MEXC and Bybit.

In MEXC’s first Launchpad event,the participants in the CropBytes (CBX) lottery draw obtained up to 3080% in revenue and achieved a winning rate of more than 90%. According to the maximum rate of increase, the highest revenues from single tickets reached more than 1450U.

In Phase 2 of the MEXC Launchpad event,the participants in the Genopets (GENE) lottery draw obtained up to 2375% in revenue. According to the maximum rate of increase, the highest revenues from single tickets reached more than 4950U.

In this phase, MEXC upgraded the Launchpad events by lowering the threshold for user participation. During the snapshot period from 16:00 (UTC) on November 19 to 15:59 (UTC) on November 23, users only need to hold at least 100 MX on average to participate in Launchpad’s new lottery draw event. Users who won in the lottery draw can then purchase TRVL at a price of 0.09USDT/token.

This phase changed how the lottery draw works and now uses a dividing system to split the shares. The draw amount is allocated according to the MX holdings of users during the snapshot period. During the subscription period, users can also choose not to exceed the allocated draw amount. In this phase’s draw, a total of 4 million TRVL will be distributed. During the snapshot period, the larger the MX holdings, the higher the allocated draw amount. The specific allocation of TRVL is as follows:

How to Participate?

There are two ways to participate: On the website, login at the MEXC home page, select “Finance” in the navigation bar above, and click on “Launchpad” to participate.

Or on the APP, navigate to the middle of the “Home” page and click on “Launchpad” to participate.

MX holding snapshots will be taken from 16:00 (UTC) on November 19 to 15:59 (UTC) on November 23 and the subscription registration will start from 06:00 (UTC) on November 24 to 05:59 (UTC) on November 25. As the platform deducts the holdings of the users that won the draw at 08:00 (UTC) on November 25, please ensure there is sufficient MX in the participating accounts before completing the asset conversion.

About MEXC Launchpad

MEXC Launchpad is MEXC’s latest benefit initiative for MX holders, which provides global users with the opportunity to participate in early investment project tokens at a low cost.

This phase’s project is Dtravel (TRVL), which is a decentralized house-sharing/rental platform launched by Travala, a travel booking platform dedicated to becoming the decentralized Airbnb.

Travala.com is a high-end travel service platform founded in 2017 and obtained investments from Binance. It provides accommodation products, flight tickets, business travel and other services for users around the world, and accepts users’ credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrencies as payment methods for the related fees.

In the Dtravel Ecosystem, the TRVL asset serves as the network equity and can be used as a payment asset. Furthermore, landlords and tenants can stake TRVL on the Dtravel for DAO governance and voting.

It is understood that Dtravel has received $5 million in funding from PrimeBlockV, Kenetic Capital, Future Perfect Ventures, DHVC, Plutus VC, GBV Capital, AU21 Capital, Shima Capital, LD Capital, NGC Ventures, etc.

About MEXC Global

Founded in April 2018, MEXC Global is a one-stop global trade compliance platform that combines spot, futures, margin, leverage ETF trading and Staking services. It has now acquired five-country compliance licenses in the United States, Canada, Australia and other regions to perform compliant operations locally.

MEXC Global is deeply invested in public blockchain ecosystem projects like Ethereum, Polkadot, and Solana, as well as DeFi, NFT, Layer2, Metaverse, GameFi, DAO, etc. Currently, hundreds of projects were launched on MEXC first before getting listed on Binance and Coinbase.

In October this year, MEXC Global announced a strategic partnership with ByBit, a futures trading platform, to better serve global users by combining the advantages in spot and futures.




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