Cross-chain yield optimizer — ETHA Lend value analysis


ETHA Lend-Cross-chain is a revenue optimizer supported by Polkadot which is built on Ethereum. Users on ETHALend can interact between different protocols to generate profits, but they do not have to operate between different platforms and bear high transaction costs. ETHA Lend uses intelligent algorithms to automatically calculate risk factors and allocates assets to users through the best matching protocols to optimize returns.

For now, ETHA Lend has supported DeFi protocols such as dydx, AAVE, Chainlink, Compound on Ethereum, and DeFi protocols such as Acala, Moonbeam on Polkadot. Besides, it has reached cooperation with clover, the cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and Polkadot and the cross-chain development is in progress.



At the end of February, ETHA Lend completed the first round of fundraising of $1.6 million.

Lead investors: AU21 Capital, DFG, Privcode Capital

Followed by: Vector Capital, Chain Capital, PNYX Venture, Lancer Capital, Oasis Capital, TRG Capital, Candaq Capital, Dealean Capital, Inclusion Capital, Origin Capital, ZB Capital, YBB Foundation, AC Capital, Hotbit

Practical Value Analysis

The practical value of ETHA comes from:
Transaction fees, platform governance, and protocols rewards.



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