A Potential Project: Value Analysis of a rookie in Metaverse, StarryNift (SNFT)

1. Project Introduction

StarryNift is the first integrated gamified platform, integrating DeFi, NFT, P2E, and Metaverse. It is a comprehensive platform integrating creation, trading, entertainment, and games. StarryNift mainly relies on NFT assets to explore the boundaries of the Metaverse, allowing artists, collectors, and investors to fully enjoy the fun of NFT creation, collection, trading, gaming, and socialization at the same time.

The algorithm randomly generates the authenticity and rarity of each NFT on StarryNift. NFT has many usage scenarios and earning methods, such as games, trading, adventure, etc.

The first mystery box NFT series on StarryNift is Code Green, which allows users to participate in the constructing of the whole ecosystem by shaping the identity of the Code Greens.

The NFT prices of Code Green range from 20BUSD to 1500BUSD. At present, all of them have been sold out. 14954 NFTs participating in Staking jointly participate in the distribution of staking rewards of up to 1 million BUSD in the mining pools. (Currently, NFT staked mining has been completed)

The collections obtained from the mystery box can be traded in StarryNift’s market and other markets (such as OpenSea) in the future.

StarryNift’s release is meaningful and fast-paced. It took less than three months from project financing, team formation, the launch of mytery NFT boxes, and then being selected to be one of BSC MVB Ⅲ Monthly Stars. Although the token SNFT has not been sold, there is a good networking effect and community atmosphere through the sale of the mystery NFT box series.

Huge Events

2021.5 Financing

2021.6 Team formation

2021.7 Launching of the mainnet. The limited-edition blind box series was pre-sold at the same time.

2021.8 Mining pool goes online

2021.9 Selected as one of the BSC MVB Ⅲ September Stars

2021.9 End of the first phase of the mining pool

2021.10 Completion of internal test of the game

2. Tokenomics

StarryNift will issue the project token, SNFT. The total amount of SNFT is constant as the governance token. No tokens have been issued at present, and the specific rules will be updated after the official improvement. Some application scenarios of SNFT and NFT can be seen from the information posted on the official website.

Application scenarios of SNFT:

1. Paying SNFT increases the probability of winning super rare NFTs

2. Paying SNFT increases the probability of winning the rarity of upgraded items

3. Community voting

Application scenarios of NFT:

1. Stake NFT to participate in BUSD mining. The first phase has been completed.

2. Stake NFT for new equipment

3. Stake NFT to obtain new role NFT

4. Stake NFT to obtain Metaverse energy

5. Hold NFT to Play to Earn

3. Financial Situation

Institutional investors: Monday Capital, Sparkland Capital, Blockwall Capital, CoinGecko Ventures, FBG Ventures, LD Capital, Ceras Ventures, Gate Labs, Bibox, Bitforex, DFG, Hotbit Labs, Silicon VC, Hoo Labs, etc.

Individual investors: Wu Jihan, founder of Bitmainland and Matrixport, Pranav, the financing partner of Woodstock Fund.

4. Project Value Expectation

1. StarryNift currently has its own incubated IP and gameplay. After the infrastructure of the middle and back infrastructure is built, the interface will be opened. After the platform privileges are released, it is expected to invite more creators and attract high-quality third parties to develop and operate on StarryNift.

2. StarryNift plans to implement the 1155 protocol from the perspective of application products to support the best scheme of NFT crosschain so that NFT assets can be traded on different chains. At present, StarryNift’s NFT can be transferred between the ETH and BSC chains.

3. From the first quarter of 2020 to the first half of 2021, NFT sales increased to $2.47 billion USD, a year-on-year increase of 17,900%. DeFi, NFT, P2E and Metaverse are at the center of the rising popularity. At present, NFT has been out of the circle. The Metaverse has unlimited imagination space. The ceiling of NFT route combined with Gamefi is very high.

4. StarryNift was founded by a former partner of Bitmainland, who cooperated with Binance and many well-known IP and artists. It also obtained investment from many heavyweight institutions. At present, StarryNift has been selected as one of the monthly stars of BSC MVB Ⅲ. StarryNift still has a certain potential.

Challenges Faced:

1. There are many competitors, so the gaming reserves, financing levels, and team size giants would need to surpass them.

2. The token has not been issued and tested by the market.

3. The game has just completed the internal test but has not been publicly tested or verified.

4. Policies.

Note: This information is only for sharing and does not constitute any investment suggestions. Please always be aware of any risks in the market.



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