Cardano (ADA)

Cardano, similar to Ethereum, is a smart contract platform committed to becoming a new generation of lower-level basic public chains that are more convenient, faster and smarter, and completely open-source. The founder, Charles Hoskinson was also one of the co-founders of Ethereum. At present, the development progress of Cardano is a smart contract platform, which is called the first blockchain project “driven by scientific philosophy and research”, and its development team is composed of a large number of expert engineers and researchers from around the world. …

The product logic of leveraged ETF originates from the traditional financial market. It is a perpetual leveraged product that amplifies the rise and fall of the spot according to a specific multiple. For example, when BTC spot rises by 1%, BTC5L will rise by 5%, and BTC4L will increase by 4%; vice versa.

Taking the MEXC’s BTC3L/3S as an example, this transactional product will track the rise of Bitcoin and achieve a certain multiple of Bitcoin profits every day (such as 2 times, 3 times or — 1 time, — 2 times). …

Apricot Finance

Apricot Finance is a DeFi platform in the Solana ecosystem which provides users over-collateralized loan services. Apricot Lend was launched its collateralized lending protocol with low liquidation penalty and high predictivity. It has a 2-hour liquidation guarantee, Apricot Rescue that provides guarantees for borrowers to liquidize their positions within a short period of time.

Apricot Lend is Apricot platform’s collateralized lending protocol, which aims to maximize users’ lending ability, and at the same time, it minimizes liquidity penalty and uncertainties. In addition, Apricot also plans to launch a series of rich DeFi related products such as order book…

I. Project Introduction

Karura is the Polkadot ecosystem DeFi infrastructure Acala’s sister network, and it is also the DeFi hub in the Kusama network. It provides a series of DeFi infrastructure, including staked derivative LKSM, stablecoin kUSD based on multiple collaterals, and automated market maker platform Karura DEX. Moreover, all functions only require extremely low Gas Fees, and any assets in the platform can be used to make Gas Fee payments.

Karura has both scalability and EVM compatibility. Based on Kusama’s ecosystem, it is a customized network for cross-chain DeFi.

There are three underlying assets on the Karura network:


HurricaneSwap is based on Avalanche’s first multi-chain asset trading DEX using LP cross-chain. With its unique Roke protocol, HurricaneStation and Hurricane Alliance, HurricaneSwap can support the transaction of dozens of assets on heterogeneous blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC and HECO, providing users with more efficient and stable liquidity solutions.

LP Cross-chain

The LP cross-chain of HurricaneSwap is a cross-chain mechanism that directly generates the cross-chain liquidity of target assets in the chain by casting the liquidity of the original chain through mortgage.

For example:

1. Users can create the liquidity of CAKE and USDT on BSC, by collateralizing them…

Bitcoin ETF, namely Exchange Traded funds, is a cryptocurrency trading fund. Traders can gain exposure to Bitcoin through the traditional stock market without buying and selling cryptocurrency assets directly on the cryptocurrency exchange.

At present, the well-known Bitcoin ETFs in the market mainly include GTBC, the Bitcoin fund launched by Grayscale and BTCC, the trust fund established by Canadian asset management company Purpose Investments Inc.

Both are valuated in traditional fiat currency, which is a regulated and compliant traditional financial product. Fund companies will hold physical Bitcoin for each share purchased or traded by investors and put it in the…

I. Project Introduction

Clover is a smart contract platform based on the Polkadot Ecosystem’s Substrate. It provides an easy-to-use and interoperable blockchain-based infrastructure by being compatible with Ethereum’s EVM-based applications and various development tools, thereby reducing developers’ development threshold and cost.

Clover’s Core Features:

1. EVM compatibility. Based on Substrate’s EVM implementation, existing smart contracts can migrate to Clover with only simple changes. Developers on Ethereum only need to copy the original DApp and use familiar tools for migration.

2. Cross-chain SPV technology (interoperability). Clover uses its built-in SVP Simulation Technology to check Bitcoin or Ethernet transactions locally without needing…

Author: Will Wu

The subject of this article began at the end of March this year when Beeple, the digital artist’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” was sold at Christie’s auction for $69,346 thousand USD. The gavel’s bang triggered a storm across the cryptocurrency circle, traditional art circle, and the media to proclaim, “Such A High Price!”.

One of the animated art pieces named “CROSSROAD” was sold at 3,789.118 ETH, worth about $6.6 million USD at that time.

Screenshot from Beeple’s work “CROSSROAD”.

Many people have questioned how a picture in JPG and PNG format could be auctioned at such a high price one after…


BENQI is built on Avalanche’s highly scalable network. BENQI’s vision is to launch BENQI on the Avalanche C-Chain at BENQI to build a bridge between DeFi and institutional networks. Through BENQI, Avalanche users can obtain interest from their assets. Through over-collateralized loans, they can receive credit and also receive QI governance tokens as rewards for providing liquidity to the protocol and Pangolin.

Participate in liquidity at anytime: Provide or withdraw liquidity from the liquidity market at any time.

Collateralized loans:After depositing assets, users can receive interest by lending to other users. …


Pangolin is a decentralized and community-driven trading platform launched by Avalanche. Its governance token will be distributed to the community in a model known as a “fair launch”. Similar to Uniswap’s AMM, it allows users to use Avalanche’s underlying capabilities to enhance trading speed and lower transaction costs. Pangolin’s PNG governance token will be distributed to its users in a model known as a “fair launch”. The team did not raise funds or own any tokens, so 0.3% of the trading transaction costs will be refunded to the liquidity providers.

Pangolin is a DEX (decentralized trading platform) operated on…


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