Source: Vee Finance

According to the official announcement of Vee Finance. The total value locked on Vee.Finance has exceeded $100 million, based on data latest stats

It is worth mentioning that,the mining is launched on September 14, users can participate in liquidity mining by supplying or lending crypto assets such as AVAX, WETH.e, LINK.e, USDT.e, WBTC.e. Currently AVAX lending APR rewards up to 730%.

  1. Project introduction

Xfinite is the first entertainment media ecosystem project in the Algorand ecosystem. It aims to create a next-generation media platform to build trust through innovation in economics, content ownership, data management, and transparency.

At the product level, Xfinite launched the Mzaalo application, which is a gamified video-on-demand platform. Secured by the Xfinite Blockchain Platform, Mzaalo provides free access to premium content, user rewards, and a range of interactive features.

According to the official data of Xfinite, Mzaalo has 200 million potential registered users and more than 50000 hours of film, series, live TV and other content.

But it…

Source: Apricot Finance

What is Apricot?

Apricot is a next-gen lending protocol that supports leveraged yield farming on Solana. Our mission is to help users maximize yield while protecting their downsides.

With Apricot, users can:

1. Deposit assets to earn interests (Apricot Lend)

2. Borrow assets for trading or leveraged yield farming (Apricot Cross-Farm)

3. Pre-configure when and how automated deleveraging takes place (Apricot Assist)

Apricot Lend

Apricot Lend provides standard lending and borrowing services: users deposit assets to earn interests, and use their deposited assets as collateral to borrow other assets.

Apricot Cross-Farm (X-Farm)

Apricot X-Farm provides cross-margin leveraged yield farming service…

  1. Project Introduction

Solyard is a yield farming aggregator optimizer protocol that efficiently manages user’s SPL tokens and automatically generates profits for users’ SPL capital for 7*24 hours.

Solyard’s intelligent strategy for automatic compound interest eliminates the need for users to learn complex DeFi products. Solyard will look for the best platform for automatic compound interest among the many DeFi products in the Solana ecosystem, and adopt a smart contract automated compound interest model to provide users with a stable assets and asset management platform.

Solyard currently has three products: aggregate mining, aggregate lending, and Leveraged Yield Farming.

Solyard Aggregate Lending…

Source: Vee.Finance

We are pleased to announce that Vee.Finance has closed a new $2.5 million of private A round funding, including investments from: 7 O’Clock Capital, AC Capital, AP Capital, Avalanche Capital, BCA Investments, CatcherVC, Chronos Ventures, COBAK, Damo Labs, Dutch Crypto Investors, FBG Capital, Kryptos Research, Lancer Capital, LD Capital, Limestone Capital, MEXC Labs, Mint Ventures, Momentum 6, NGC Ventures, PANews, Ti Capital, ViaBTC Capital, Waterdrip Capital (in alphabetical order) .

Earlier this year, Vee.Finance had closed another multi-million dollar seed round led by Huobi Ventures Blockchain Fund and Avalanche Asia Eco Fund AVATAR.

After tremendous development efforts by…

Source: NAOS Finance

NAOS Finance and EthSign to bring Web 3 solutions to agreement and contract signing process in traditional finance

We’re excited to partner with EthSign to develop an agreement/contract signing solution for RWA on-chain. The partnership offers a notary solution critical in financial services, allowing involved parties to send agreement, sign content and process transaction on-chain.

Electronic signature services such as DocuSign and eSignly are great solutions for simple transactions, but complex financial transactions still require a burdensome notarization process. …

DEX based on the Automated Market Maker model (AMM) has proven to be one of the most impactful DeFi innovations. It has attracted a growing number of trading users by eliminating middlemen and relying on smart contracts that operate with users in control of their own assets and without KYC and identity concerns. The frontrunner, Uniswap, has reached over $400 million in daily trading volume and has surpassed the old centralized exchange Coinbase.

Despite the initial success, to accommodate the bottleneck in blockchain throughput, AMM reduced the market-making mechanism for crypto assets to two liquidity pools and a naturally adjusted…

Leveraged trading is an important trading model in both the traditional financial sector and the emerging DeFi market, and a financial tool that professional investors are keen to use. As evidenced by the rising number of leveraged trades on most centralized exchanges, aggressive crypto asset traders are willing to take on the high risk associated with high leverage in the pursuit of higher returns.

However, for the crypto market, especially the DeFi market, the only identification credential for traders on the chain is only a string of code, and it is difficult to assess the user’s assets and credit status…

Vee.Finance is a decentralized cross-chain lending platform for traditional financial users and crypto users, dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi and providing users with better digital asset management services, where users can participate in deposits, lending, long and short positions, etc. Website:

Before borrowing or trading on Vee.Finance, you need to install MetaMask wallet in advance (Website:,Users can also receive test tokens (ETH, BTC and stablecoins) by clicking on “Faucet “ and after verification, you can receive them repeatedly.

Supplying Assets to Vee.Finance

1.Before supplying crypto assets, make sure that your MetaMask wallet is…

NAOS’ approach to growing the DeFi playing field is to scale real world assets (RWA) on-chain, and to build an all-encompassing ecosystem of innovative fintech solutions. In this ecosystem, NAOS and its partners will co-evolve capabilities around RWA, and push the boundaries for the next generation of DeFi innovations.

NAOS has a simple business model — provide real world borrowers with an alternative funding source from DeFi. In practice, the bridge between CeFi and DeFi requires redesigning product services, user behaviors, customer experiences and organizations. An ecosystem mindset is required to capture the inevitable shift in the economy and business…


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